Best Small Towns in Italy to Visit

Everyone wants to visit Italy to be captured in the history and beautiful architecture of Rome, Milan and Venice. However, many travelers do not fully capture the essence of Italian life, you have to visit some small towns in Italy. It's in Italy's small towns that you'll really see the charming personality of not only the towns, but of the people as well.
Bassano del Grappa is an impressive little town on the slopes of the mighty Alps. Due to the abundance of spectacular historic cities in the near vicinity, it somehow gets overlooked by tourists. Nevertheless, it's a city that offers much. Trains connect Bassano del Grappa with Verona and Venice, so you can visit it as a day trip. But to feel the rhythm of this gorgeous off-the-beaten-track destination, you should spend a night or two. Bassano's highlights are its historical buildings and outstanding views. The main site is undoubtedly the 16th Century Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge. It was designed by no other than the renowned Andrea Palladio. Other interesting sites include the medieval fortification with Castello degli Ezzelini, and two imposing city walls as its highlight.
Bergamo is a quaint small town in Italy's Lombardy region. Located less than an hour away from the popular Milan, it can easily be combined with a city trip. After all, busses between Milan and Bergamo run frequently thanks to the Bergamo airport that some European airlines prefer. It is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway in Italy.
In general, this beautiful medieval town has a lot to offer and is the perfect place to explore if you wish to see a less touristic side of Italy. Here you can roam the cobble stone streets of the old parts of the city and flourish in the idyllic charm. Today, Bergamo is split into two parts. Hereby the upper Citta Alta and the lower Citta Bassa are connected with a funicular. Be sure to catch a ride up the hill so you do not miss out on this unique experience.
Camogli is a picturesque coastal town in the Italian region of Liguria. Located east of Genova, Liguria's capital, Camogli is straightforward to visit on a day trip from Genova by train. You can also include Camogli on a fun Riviera road trip, combining the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. Camogli is a beautiful place to explore, and it is a popular Sunday day trip destination for people living in Genova. It has colorful architecture - very similar to that of Cinque Terre or Portofino - an old town with narrow streets and a small pebble beach. The Castle of Dragonara and the lighthouse are particularly picturesque at the end of the beach. Camogli is also an excellent place to taste regional cuisine, and you will find a couple of restaurants by the sea to enjoy great food and fabulous views. Don't miss typical dishes like troffie al pesto, or pasta with nuts sauce!
One of the most colorful small towns in Italy is the beautiful Manarola. It's one of the five villages of Cinque Terre located on Mediterranean Sea. Easily accessible by train or car, Manarola is easy to get to from anywhere in Northern Italy. To get the iconic photo of the colorful buildings, head to Nessun Dorna. Be sure to get your reservations in advance, as the restaurant fills up quickly. One of the best things to do in Cinque Terre as a whole is to go hiking. There are beautiful views both of the coast and in land with the hills - many of which are covered in wine grapes. Get lost wandering the small roads of Manarola while your nose is enchanted with the smells of fresh homemade pizza and pasta!
Barbarano Romano is a charming medieval village in Italy with only 1,000 inhabitants! Nestled in the enchanted forests of Tuscia, Barbarano Romano is easily accessible from Rome. The village dates back to the 1200's and is one of the most beautifully preserved villages in the entirety of Italy.
The best thing to do in Barbarano Romano is simply wander around the narrow, cobbled streets and admire the ancient buildings. There is an abundance of nature to enjoy in the surrounding areas - you will find the protected area of Martaranum Regional Park in Barbarano Romano! Marataranum Regional Park is best-known for its ancient Etruscan caves and necropoli, overgrown with plants and just begging to be photographed. From the forests of the park, you can follow paths that will lead you to neighboring villages.