The Ultimate Ireland Bucket List

Ireland is one of the few places in the world that I have visited multiple times & would go tomorrow if the opportunity arose. It's a great country for solo travelers, families, introverts, extroverts, road trippers and everyone in between.
Grand and towering St Patrick's Cathedral stands proud in the center of Dublin, surrounded by well-manicured lawns and stunning formal gardens. This incredible piece of architecture has been part of the history of the country for over 800 years, and today is a must-see spot for all visitors of Dublin. As the largest cathedral in the country, it is certainly impressive, built in the 13th century in honor of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick. It is also well known for its choir, which still performs daily.
The Dublin Castle is a must-see when visiting Dublin. It is a symbol of English reign, a government complex, conference center, and tourist attraction. It is filled with history and is one of the most important buildings in Irish history. Its majestic gardens are very well preserved and has spaces dedicated to important personalities and sculptures that celebrate marks in history such as the 2003 Special Olympics which was held in Ireland. Dublin Castle has been featured in many films and TV shows. It also hosts the Heineken Green Energy Festival every May.
When you visit Ireland, you shouldn't miss the Little Museum of Dublin. This museum is, as the name says, tiny, but the exhibition is far more enjoyable than many other museums we visited. The Little Museum of Dublin showcases many seemingly random artifacts. Take a good look around while you visit. Local citizens donated most of the more than 5,000 objects, helping preserve the local history.
If you visit Ireland's capital, one of the must-see places is Trinity College Dublin. Trinity, conveniently located on College Green at the very heart of Dublin city, is the oldest university of Ireland. Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, and also Sally Rooney (who's smash hit Normal People was recently filmed on Trinity campus) are among the many notable alumni.
Definitely make sure to see the Book of Kells. This is arguably the most stunning and important medieval manuscript. Part of the paid exhibition also includes the possibility to saunter through the awe-inspiring Long Room Library. This library has a feeling of Harry Potter to it. Many people claim that the Jedi Library in Star Wars was modeled on it. Either way, the Long Room Library is one of the most impressive places in Ireland.
ilmainham Gaol opened in 1796 and closed in 1924. It was restored in the late 1950's by voluntary labor and donated materials. Now it's a museum honoring the history of Ireland and the rebellions. Leaders of the numerous rebellions were detained and executed here. It almost didn't survive since its home to some painful memories, but historians argued its case. Thousands of people were jailed here over the years. It may look familiar to you because it's a popular filming location. Kilmainham gaol has starred in In The Name of the Father, Michael Collins and even Paddington 2.
If you're visiting Ireland, hiking the Howth Cliff Walk should be at the top of your list! Located just north of Dublin, Howth is a beautiful coastal fishing town that is filled with nonstop spectacular views of the ocean. Because of its close proximity to the city, it's really easy to take a day trip to Howth from Dublin. Howth itself has a lot of character. There's a beautiful market that you could grab a snack at, a harbor you could people-watch at, and a beautiful beach that you could swim in.