Wedding in Africa

RTK 14 - Wedding in Africa

Are you planning to get married or celebrate your Wedding Anniversary?

Have you ever thought of a beautiful well-arranged wedding in Africa where you can have wildlife animals celebrate with you as you view the Rivers and Mountains of Africa?  Then we have a deal for you.

Celebrations take place in either of the following: -

  • Norfolk Hotel
  • Mara Safari Club
  • Aberdare Country Club
  • Mount Kenya Safari Club
  • Sweetwater Tended Camp

The Package includes

  1. Procurement of Marriage License
  2. Brides Bouquet and Floral Hair Piece
  3. Wedding Cakes
  4. Local Choirs, Masai Dancers, Chuka Drummers
  5. Blessings by the District Officer and Chief of Chuka including Chuka Drummers
  6. Pianist in the Chapel and by the River
  7. String Quartet to play during wedding
  8. Bride to come on camel
  9. Charles Heldsich Champagne
  10. Video Coverage and Photographer
  11. Out of Africa wedding Breakfast
  12. Pimms Reception
  13. Hot Air Baloon in Mara Safari Club